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True Legacy has a new website !

This website won't be updated anymore.

Please visit instead.

Members please follow the link above and select "apply to guild" (while logged in) on the upper left, existing members can skipp the application questions (don't forget the question at the end of the form though, the anti bot question).
Your name and password will stay the same, it's just a new adress on Guildportal.
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Hagara Storm Ph

WaylinGL, May 21, 12 7:29 AM.

Legendary daggers - Gratz Skillsganon !!!

WaylinGL, Apr 18, 12 7:36 PM.
Screenshot and full post on
New posts will be posted on there from now on, sooooo ... don't forget to switch and sign in (won't take long ... prommise :) Ini is already there :) )

New website (adress)

WaylinGL, Apr 17, 12 8:48 AM.
Since this website still has an old adress (Beyond) our website will be moved to another page with an updated adress. Existing members can move by clicking the (Register to new website ...) link, skipp the application questions (don't forget the "bot-check), click apply and will be promoted to member again. You can keep your existing account and password since the new website is still hosted on Guildportal.

New website adress :  (Join True Legacy)


Register to new website ...

The new website is not fully functional yett, but we will start using it as soon as possible so make sure you sign in early.

Legendary Staff - Gratz Mo !

WaylinGL, Apr 11, 12 7:52 PM.

Gratz Mobink !!! 
And Gratz everyone with the guildachievement.
Thanks loads to all the guildies who helped farming FL for months, especially the ones who showed up every single time. Great team efford and dedication there people !
Something to be proud of as a guild and proving that even small guilds can be Legendary.

Also Gratz all on the Bonus Achievent :

Ultraxion Heroic Mode

WaylinGL, Apr 3, 12 6:45 AM.

And ... as ussual ... we forgot to make a screenshot. Or ... none of us wanted to push another button.
Great job everyone !!! The healers (Dazér and Healingpro) for two healing this, Dps (Skillsganon, Omax, Chanasiel, Iamamuppet, Mobink, Anychka) for pushing dps (and a lott of Heroic Will buttons), Tanks (Parian, Waylin) for staying alive (and pushing even more Heroic Will buttons). Well done "soakers" for using your cooldowns in time and soaking the Hour of Twilight. Nice overal teamwork !
Thank you "Life stream supporters" for your support and cheering. We had to kill him, give that movie a happy end to not lett Lex down.

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